Friday, February 3, 2012

YES Creates A Cirque Fusion Night of Amazement

Meeting planner cries tears of joy after weeks of planning unfolds into a breath taking event!    The Retreat in Dunwoody was the stopping point for 100 guests, where they walked the red carpet and were greeted by Cirque Style Costume performers that were elevated on performance cubes.  The cocktail hour setting set the tone for what was to come.  It  was designed with floor to ceiling chiffon drape with dramatic uplighting.  An all white palette of sleek furniture that created  a hot club like setting with whimsical passed food and signature drinks.  The reveal was behind the curtain which was opened to a surprise dinner. 

High energy dance music created the energy in the room.  As guests entered, seven Cirque performers greeted them.  Dangling 20 feet in the area, three cirque aerial type performers danced from the ceiling, while two lighted stages in the middle of the tables held contortionist.  They twisted and displayed unbelievable acts of strength and balance.  Floor gymnast danced among the tables as the guests were seated.  Cries of surprise, while a flurry of camera flash and smart phones filled the room like a sold our concert.   The performance continued for five full minutes as multiple acts performed all at the same time.  The CEO, received a standing ovation as he welcomed his guests for their special night.  The multi course dinner continues as performances rotate around the room from one stage or hanging point to the next all during dinner. 

The evening finale featured all of the  performers for a final performance and of course the standing ovation from the guests.

Suspense builds as  another reveal curtain is pulled back to display a white dance floor, where an invitation to dance is given by DJ Derrick for two hours of crowd pleasing FUN. YES makes another great memory!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Steampunk Wins Design Trend Competition!

“Innovative…Trendy…Out of the Box…Off the Chain!”  These were just a few of the raves and compliments Your Event Solution received from top event industry design professionals as they chose our tabletop design in NACEAtlanta’s 2012 Design Trends competition. The YES team brainstormed and teamed together for another consecutive win as we strive to stay in the middle of trendy innovation. Industry colleagues attending the National Association of Catering Executives competition crowded around the display, inspected every detail, snapped photos, and voted for us as the best design entry and favorite in the competition!

Steampunk is a style that’s hitting the mainstream and even featured in the Academy Award-nominated film, Hugo. Read on for an explanation of what Steampunk is about, as well as the intricate details featured in Your Event Solution’s table design:

Journey in H. G. Wells’ time machine to the retro-futuristic world of Steampunk. It’s an anachronistic amalgamation of the Victorian era, the machine age, and mod fashion. Powered by steam instead of 21st century technology, complex mechanical systems of gears and pulleys bring to life the imagination and innovation of 100 years ago. Trapped somewhere amongst art, fantasy and scientific rigor, Steampunk’s popularity is progressing into the mainstream in everything from movies to d├ęcor, integrating vintage reclaimed oddities and contraptions.

Gear up your imagination at our dining table, a place where crazy creativity and practical functionality jettison outside the box to fantasy. The tables are wedged together and transformed with custom printed graphic tops to resemble working gears. It’s literally a movable feast with two rotating giant gears creating a mechanized Lazy Susan for the first course of the meal. Guests are engaged with the industrial elements with every sip and bite. Pewter stemware adds a metallic surface to the place settings, while hammered copper contrasts on charger plates. These rest on gears and hold glass plates that are printed with custom gears, an innovative graphic technique.
Encompassing the entire table scape, impossibly complex moving parts all have a function in this meticulously organized table – or do they? That’s for you to decipher as you immerse yourself in the innovative style of vintage tomorrow. 

Photo Courtesy: Shari Zellars Photography