Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some of our favorite venues feature royal ballrooms, architectural details, and grand entrances that every bride dreams of.  These spaces are fitting for elegant weddings and sophisticated corporate events.  But where do you host a blazing NASCAR inspired party?  Nowhere other than the Atlanta Motor Speedway,of course!  Our engines were running as we vigorously designed the race track with NASCAR themed decor and accessories.  The highlight of the evening was the arrival of former NASCAR driver, Richard Petty! Hey, who says that we can't work and have a little fun! Here are pictures from the evening showcasing our event design

Photo Courtesy:  PWP Studios

Thursday, December 8, 2011

YES Gives Back This Holiday Season

The reason for the season is often lost in the planning of parties, baking of pies, and shopping during the wee hours of the morning.  Your Event Solution took a moment last weekend to remember the real reason that we all should celebrate this holiday season.  We loaded our trucks, filled our tanks, and headed to the Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, to give back to the men and women of the 20th Operations Support Squadron.  YES donated a holiday reception on December 3 to those serving our country and their families!  Amazing Casino Events, a division of Your Event Solution, supplied interactive casino games, like blackjack and roulette, which entertained the guests all evening.  By the end of the night, it was sure that everyone had a fun and memorable time, and we were beyond ecstatic that we were able to say "Thank You" in our own special way. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Buffet Design Tips for Your Holiday Party

You’ve planned your theme, décor elements, even what you’ll be wearing to the holiday party that you're hosting.  You’ve passed your menu requests along to the caterers and all they need to do is set up the food before the party begins.  Wait.  Where will they be placing the food?  On a rectangular table adorned with white hotel linens?  Your kitchen counter?  The buffet set-up should not be neglected, but also be a significant part of the holiday party design. Here are a few tips that will help you create a buffet design that complements your holiday party decorations.  
 1  Use Food as a Décor Element.  When planning your menu, consider your theme.  Think about the colors and scents of the foods and use this as a starting point for designing your buffet.  Determine what can go on trays, in bowls, or freely sit on the table as part of the display, such as seasonal fruits and vegetables.
2  Use Natural Elements.  Designing your buffet table this holiday season can be  inexpensive.  Simple walk outside and gather pine cones, acorns, pine needles, holly tree leaves and berries, or other backyard gems.  Place these items in clear cylinder vases with water and a floating candle for a simple, yet elegant design. 
Pine needles and cranberries in cylinder vases. 

3  Alternate Heights and Sizes of Decor Displays.  To add visual interest to your buffet, use decor accessories of various heights and sizes.  This creates a dimensional design that is appealing and unique.   
4  Elevate Food and Decor Accessories With Objects.  Be creative and use objects other than buffet serving trays to display your food.  Elevate foods and decor accessories on boxes wrapped with Christmas wrapping paper, books, small wooden tables, or anything else that complements your holiday party event design. 
Buffet tables with a unique display of small wooden tables holding cylinder vases with floating candles.
5  Tie In Elements From Other Components of Your Event Design.  Drawing a blank when designing you buffet table?  Consider what other elements you've used in other aspects of the holiday party design and incorporate those things into your buffet table display.  Be sure that the elements do not clash or outshine other decor components, unless your buffet table is the focal point of the space. 
Photo Courtesy:  Cranberries and Pine Needles - Drawings in Motion