Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Magnolia Moon Pie Affair - The Event

We've had the most exciting Summer of events at Your Event Solution. Now transitioning into Fall we’re happy to be getting back in the swing of bringing you details of our exciting designs, concepts and events via the YES blog. We’re not shy in saying;  this share is a real treat! Sit back, relax and prepare to enter a lavish YES designed Southern affair where every detail planned was to honor 25 years of accomplishment for our client. 

We dove into this event with the spirit that every guest would be welcomed into an environment of true “Southern hospitality." Signifying the client’s home was the selected venue, the Fox Theatre Atlanta and it's spacious Egyptian Ballroom, Salon and Patio. It’s true that with a venue heavily adorned with Egyptian motifs we had our work cut out for us to transform it into a residence in the South. Yes ma’am, at every glance this event exuded Southern elegance. In fact, you just might forget that you’re in the Fox Theatre at all and not deep in a historic Southern homestead.

As guests arrived at the theatre and made their way up the entry staircase they immediately became immersed in the opulence of a garden. The steps were lined with flickering pillar candles that lit the way. Branches and a starlit sky were projected by lighting onto the ceiling and walls surrounding the stairwell. Once reaching the top of the stairs guests entered the beautiful Salon where the YES team recreated every essence of a Southern backyard. Amongst the vignettes in the Salon we designed one area as the “back porch." A neatly lined row of rocking chairs, a stone weathered backdrop, palladium style windows, shutters, porch lamps and plants we created a serene area for the activity that Southerners affectionally call “porching." This area gave guests a chance to relax and enjoy the melodies of the performers in the room. By bringing in various textures, greenery, lighting and striking focal points we were able to transport guests upon arrival. Iron gates, stone columns and a custom printed stone floor guided attendees through the path-lined garden. We were of course careful not to reveal what was in the ballroom.

Alas, a Southern residence would not be proper without a patio. From the Salon guests entered into a Southern open-air space, which was appropriately named the “Magnolia & Moon Pie Patio." Attendees had the opportunity to mingle underneath the twinkle of festive string lighting. We we have to say, we just love any chance to use string lighting. By adding that lighting touch along with the venue’s built-in stone benches, our custom pillows and some occasional tables we were able to encourage groupings for deep conversation before guests entered the main event. Centerpieces selected for this area were colorful and included the use of magnolias and candles. 

Leaving the Patio guests made their way down a tree and greenery lined path into the Egyptian Ballroom - the “home” of the event.  Serving as a focal point, a mural was placed at the end of the beautiful garden pathway with a 25th anniversary topiary. With much creativity the YES design team covered and disguised all traces of the Egyptian period. Disguising the in-house architecture was accomplished by bringing in rich textures of greenery and fabric panels of gold drape. For covering the stage front we placed custom printed panels with images of foliage. This large visual not only served as a skirt but it tied the stage to the other décor and gave the stage area an expansive look.

From the upper balcony a “hanging garden” graphic was installed. This enhanced the environment and also served to cover many of the motifs in that area of the room. Tables were placed in the room to enhance seating capacity and all were draped in Apple Green linens to add sparkle and pops of color to the garden décor. With ambient lighting we enhanced the beauty of the room and strategically projected trees and branch designs. The accent lighting on the venue walls most gave the appearance of an expanded garden setting.

In all of the decor and environment design our team was successful in bringing home a celebratory Southern garden theme for our client. If you've enjoyed reading about the event setup on this blog then stay tuned for more to come. We look forward to sharing more beautiful details about this event's entertainment, custom bars and the Southern charm of the food stations. 

Event Design & Decor:  Your Event Solution
Photography:  Picture This Photography (Sandra and Greg)