Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some of our favorite venues feature royal ballrooms, architectural details, and grand entrances that every bride dreams of.  These spaces are fitting for elegant weddings and sophisticated corporate events.  But where do you host a blazing NASCAR inspired party?  Nowhere other than the Atlanta Motor Speedway,of course!  Our engines were running as we vigorously designed the race track with NASCAR themed decor and accessories.  The highlight of the evening was the arrival of former NASCAR driver, Richard Petty! Hey, who says that we can't work and have a little fun! Here are pictures from the evening showcasing our event design

Photo Courtesy:  PWP Studios


  1. And finally on the last episode of the disc, the Hanagumi are on set filming for their first movie appearance. Of course nothing goes smoothly and soon rumours fly when there is said to be a ghost haunting a studio lot for their last scene to be shot in. This is one great episode if you are a Sumire fan such as myself.

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