Monday, July 4, 2011

Five Tips for Celebrating Your Fourth of July Indoors When Bad Weather Strikes

Celebrating the Fourth of July is the epitome of outdoor fun for Americans.  We pull out the grills, dress the patio tables with red and white checkered tablecloths, play fun games, and watch lively fireworks!  Unfortunately, today's weather report for Atlanta predicts a chance of rain.  So what do we do when the weather threatens to dampen our outdoor fun?!

Here are five event decor tips for you to consider if your Fourth of July outdoor party is interrupted by bad weather!

Photo Courtesy:  HGTV

Pre-set your dining table with themed decor and tableware.   Your guests will never know that it was part of the back-up plan.  If the space is not used, guests  will only assume that you took your event design a step further by decorating the inside of your home also!

Don't let the weather be a wet blanket on your bonfire--literally!  Roast your marshmallows for traditional S'mores inside at the fireplace (yes, it's July so put the fire out when you're done)! Take an old tradition and make it into a new one!

A threat of a rain shower will have your guest running for cover!  Accent your covered patio or porch furniture with your favorite  pillows for your guests to get comfy.  This is also a great place to hosts games during your soiree. Remember safety first! If lightning strikes, please have your guests  head inside.

Display candles of various heights and sizes to create a "starry" night element.  The flicker from the candlelight will create a warm, casual ambiance for your guests. 

Photo Courtesy: Rebecca Shepard Floral Design
Bring the outdoors indoors with fresh florals! We love this display of red, white, and blue floral arrangements.  Use blue hydrangeas, red roses, and some of your  favorite florals to achieve this look.  Place them in your favorite vases, and display throughout your indoor space.  To create a shabby, chic look, simply place your favorite white florals in mason jars. 
Will you be celebrating your Fourth of July outdoors?  What are your back up plans in the case of bad weather?  Share with us on Facebook!


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