Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rent Your Event Decor Items From Your Event Solution For Your Holiday Party

Now that Thanksgiving Day has passed us by, we are in full swing to prepare for the Christmas season.  For all of you holiday party planners, did you know that not only can we create a fun theme with a complementing décor design, provide entertainment, and embellish your tables and buffets, but most importantly, we can provide you with the necessary items for you to do it yourself! For all of you D.I.Y. fanatics, we offer our customers the option to rent linens, chair covers, sashes, vases, votives, candelabras, furniture, and more! Here are a few décor accessories that you can use for your upcoming holiday party!

Votives and Candles

Do you want to accent the event space with warm lighting to complete your design?  Consider adding votives around your centerpieces, along the bar, and on the buffets for a subtle lighting effect. 

Spandex Buffet Table Covers

Embellish ordinary buffet tables with a sophisticated spandex cover for a more appealing look.  Choose from a variety of colors to complement your theme! 

Entranceway Accessories

When designing your event, don’t forget about the entrance of your venue.  Your guests will be pleasantly surprised when they arrive and find that you’ve welcomed them with a grandiose entrance created with festive displays and florals or lanterns hanging from shepherd hooks on each side of the entranceway.  

Guests Lounge

After eating, drinking, and dancing, you would like to provide a space for your guests to sit and mingle.  Consider creating a lounge area for your guests to get off of their feet! Couches, chairs, banquettes, tables, and other furniture accessories are available for rent to create a lounge area at your holiday event. 

Linens and Chair Covers

A must-have for any event design are quality linens and chair covers.  Instantly, the design of the space is conformed by adding that sophisticated touch.  These are great for any holiday affair that will be serving dinner. 

Chargers and Napkins
An easy way to complete the design of your guests tables is by adding chargers and napkins.  These simple items add a dimension to your table design that would otherwise feel empty if they were not featured on the tables.  Great for holiday dinners! 

Let us know how we can help you complete your event planning list this holiday season!


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