Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Trending Elements For Holiday Parties

We pride ourselves in creating exceptional, one-of-a-kind events and holiday parties are among some of the favorite event environments we create! There’s an excitement that builds each year as the holiday party season nears. We love that by creating inviting and innovative holiday parties we allow guests to begin celebrating from the moment they arrive. 

In this holiday design blog we’re sharing two trending elements that can make a difference in the success of your event: lounge seating and buffet decor. Learn more about how you can incorporate these elements into your holiday party plans – or, connect with Your Event Solution and see how we can create your perfect holiday party that includes them!

Holly, Jolly Lounge Areas
Adding a seating area (casual or formal) to your holiday party is an effective way to add an element that’s both decorative and functional. Lounge groupings that include sofas, chairs and side tables are a special touch that leave a lasting impression on party guests. With Your Event Solution's inventory we design groupings around a variety of colors and styles. The addition of LED lighted furniture, pillows and other accessories give each grouping a unique look that ties into a wide range of themes. Mixing and matching furnishings also adds a dramatic visual impact. Lounge seating areas work particularly well in large spaces where they help to define your event space. But whether a large or small venue, lounge seating areas provide intimate areas for people to gather and network. These are a few of our favorite YES designed lounge areas:

Rockin’ Around The Holiday Buffet
Designing and decorating food buffets and bars are a favorite for our team year-around. Food and beverage service for an event are elements that can make or break the success of a party. When clients decide that a buffet will be their service of choice we work with them (or their caterer) so that the theme of the decor is carried throughout all areas of the event. We find that building an interesting and appealing holiday buffet design is all about layering. For holiday buffets we start with a linen or table base that fits in with other room elements. From there we build drama by adding height and interest with props that pop and sparkle and invoke the ‘spirit of the season.’  From candles to sculptural holiday pieces we design buffets that people want to visit for food service and for the visual experience! These are a few of our favorite YES designed bars and buffets:


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