Monday, November 29, 2010

Event Spotlight: The Eclectic Barn Wedding

This down home southern wedding featured a whimsical display of personal touches that the Bride had to have on her special day.  It started with a must of wearing Cowboy Boots and went on from there!  Our design team took that and let their imagination go from there.

The fall colors were brought out in the floral arrangements that featured large sunflowers, roses and wildflowers that were displayed in bark styled vases that helped create the weathered look.


The ceremony featured custom wood signs that helped direct guests to the ceremony location, an old wagon was used for the gift table..... wrought iron hooks were placed along the altar and featured an array of fall colored flowers. 
Authentic antique pews were brought in for the front of the aisle to create drama and designate the row. 
The altar featured gently flowing chiffon fabric and fall country wreaths.   

As the guests made there way into the barn, elegant chiffon drape flowed from the ceiling while elegant chiavari chairs added a touch of elegance to the barn!  An authentic wheel was placed in the ceiling with hanging lanterns that created a chandelier focal point to the middle of the room.  Centerpieces featured an array of high and low florals that were dressed with weathered wood.

 Walters Barn in Lula, Georgia was the barn the ceremony and reception were held in and created the perfect setting for the bridal party photos.

An antique styled carriage that led the bride and groom through the countryside to live happily ever after!!!!!!!



  1. beautiful wedding, this is what we have in mind. How can we find out more about your services and this particular barn? thanks!

  2. do you have more information about this barn? it would fit my wedding venue perfect!

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  12. beautiful wedding, this is what we have in mind. How can we find out more about your services and this particular barn? thanks!

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  13. beautiful wedding, this is what we have in mind. How can we find out more about your services and this particular barn? thanks!

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