Monday, March 21, 2011

Event Spotlight: Bridal Show at Legacy Lodge at Lake Lanier Island

It was made clear that wedding season is here and off to a great start as the Your Event Solution's team recently attended the Bridal Show at the Legacy Lodge at Lake Lanier Islands.  Brides (along with grooms, moms, dads, and in-laws!) were present with both excitement and nervousness…and many questions and concerns.   The YES team was there to answer all questions, give assurance, and bring comfort with our own style and grace.  And speaking of style, Your Event Solution's design team crafted a beautiful estate table to present to the soon-to-be-married couples.  Our design was a great hit with an eclectic shabby chic design!

The show stopper was the suspension of the florals that hung upside down from the shutter of our table design. 

The moss green and eggplant colored linens were complimented with diverse floral arrangements and natural elements of moss and bark. 

Lit candles and hanging lanterns added a soft, romantic touch.  This growing trend of rustic elegance is a favorite among today's bride.

The Brides browsed around with their families, speaking with the wedding vendors from photographers to disc jockeys.  The Lake Lanier Island’s chef and culinary team prepared a swarm of food, such as mini crab cakes, veal meatballs, coconut crusted chicken, gazpacho, and smoked salmon cheesecake.  From the looks of the stuffed mouths, it was finger-looking good.

After the Brides and their families, chatted with vendors and fed their tummies, they were off on a guided tour of the Island and venues available for their special day.  After speaking with many of the Brides (and from our experience), Pinelsle Pointe and Legacy Pointe Tent and Pavilion were the most popular choices.  It’s obvious that one determining factor is the eye-catching views of both locations.
Several of our future brides and grooms also stopped by to say “hello” and all left with smiles and excitement for their big day to come!

Not only was it a beautiful sunny day, but also a declaration that the next five months will be “Go, Go, Go!” for our team, but hey, that’s what we do best!  With that being said, let us help you start customizing your next signature event!


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