Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Alternatives to the Tangled Themed Sky Lanterns

Disney's Tangled is a favorite amongst  kids of all ages, parents, and even brides! YES has received several requests from brides-to-be looking to incorporate the ever so popular sky lanterns from the movie sensation into their wedding day. This decor element, also known as wish lanterns, are paper lanterns that contain a small candle, which once lit, heats the air in the lantern and causes it to rise. Although very beautiful when they are illuminated in the sky, we're not  huge fans of the sky lanterns because of their potential environmental hazards. We love to accommodate our brides with their requests, so here are a few alternatives that we suggest that are just as effective and charming as the release of the sky lanterns. 

Uplit Balloons

 This design concept creates a look inspired from this image.
LED lights are placed in the balloons for the glowing effect.  The string allows the balloons to float 
versus being released into the sky. 

 Glowing Mason Jars

Mason jars are a common decor piece used today in shabby chic wedding and other event designs.  Spray your mason jars with glow in the dark paint and suspend them from trees to add a glimmering effect to your celebration. 
Anchored Paper Lanterns 

The illuminated sky concept can still be achieved with classic paper lanterns and strings of white outdoor lights.  Anchor the lanterns in trees or along the strands of lights above your guests to achieve the starry night look.  If you want to add a creative touch, use lanterns in colors that compliment your wedding theme!

These creative alternatives to the sky lanterns can easily be achieved while still adding a wow factor to your celebration. If you choose to release the sky lanterns, we ask that you use them responsibly and consider the safety of your guests and environment.

Image courtesy:
Uplit Balloons


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