Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Modern Atlanta 2011 is a Must Attend Event for Creative Designers

We're always happy when organizations bring BOLD events to Atlanta, such as Modern Atlanta 2011 DESIGN IS HUMAN. Modern Atlanta (MA) has planned a week of celebratory events highlighting the art of cutting-edge design and the HUMAN connection associated with it. MA was created to explore an array of disciplines of individuals and businesses that offer products and services inspired by innovative design. MA's primary focus is to bring attention to products and services from a variety of scopes, such as architecture, event, fashion, and interior design (just to name a few) that commonly promote and inspire social responsibility with their forward-thinking practices. This week is for individuals in any specialty that appreciates creative, innovative influences and developments. MA has a diverse group of activities planned through June 12, 2011, that will bring together a versatile congregation of individuals and ground-breaking ideas. To learn more about MA and the events planned this week, visit MA's website here.

Are you attending any Modern Atlanta events this week?  Be sure to leave comments on our blog or visit us on Facebook  to tell us about all the event buzz!


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