Thursday, June 9, 2011

Event Design Inspiration: What Unusual Things Inspire You?

A few days ago one of our team member's visited the local farmers market to grab a few things for dinner.  Not only did she leave with ingredients for a tasty meal, but also inspiration for future event design projects.  This is testament of how inspiration can stream from anywhere!  When we meet with our clients to discuss their ideas for their special events, sources of inspiration are always revealed.  Everything from a quilt dressed on the bed of a bride's best friend to a party scene from a client's favorite movie,  has served as a source of inspiration for past events that YES has designed.  In this case,  a few unusual fruit and vegetables aroused our creative appetite.

We love the clean, natural look that the green and white asparagus embody here. Pops of color, represented by the purple toned rubber bands, completes the color palette.  Bold colors  paired with contrasting hues is a common design concept featured at many events today.

Two bold colors paired together such as the electric green and crimson red shades we find here in this bundle of Swiss chard, is a perfect combination for any event!

These rambutans also represent the pairing of bold colors that work well together.  Not only is this fruit's color appealing to the eye,  but it's texture is what really grabs your attention.  When creating an event's design, it's imperative to remember other visual elements such as texture and space that brings the motif together.           

What unusual things have inspired you when planning your event? Share with us below and visit our Facebook page to submit pictures of your inspirational piece and the event created from it!


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